BCNA member Dr. Janice Sutherland, ND invites you to join her during Naturopathic Medicine Week:

What is a breath journey?

You will be guided using a conscious connected breathing technique, called Breathwave. This is an ACTIVE meditation, and vibrational mind-body medicine. You will actually FEEL this vibration in your body, as you evoke the aliveness within. They will use sound healing, aromatherapy, light body work, and guided meditation to help you align with life force energy. Beautiful music assists in finding presence in the body. You will be in a laying down position on your back, with a yoga mat sized space for yourself.

– Increase oxygen, lung capacity, and blood flow
– Retrain the diaphragm and breathing muscles
– Organ massage and detoxification
– Release tension and pain
– Access parasympathetic state (healing state)
– Open energetic channels and chakras
– Mind and Body alignment
– Clarity, Insights, creativity, and new perspectives
– Elevate mood – states of peace and bliss
– Create new neural patterns
– Regulate thought patterns and emotions

245-255 PM: Arrive and set up your breathing space.
300 PM: Opening Circle and Breath Journey
430-445 PM: Closing circle.
445-5 PM: Enjoy light refreshments and snacks

– Water bottle
– Blanket and small pillow (optional. there are some extra)
– Journal (optional)
– Wear comfortable clothing
– recommended to eat a healthy meal or snack before coming (sometimes this breath increases hunger as it is putting you into parasympathetic state).

Date: May 19, 2019

Time: 2:45-4:45pm

Cost: $30-45 sliding scale

Register: Space is limited to 9 ~ often times we are full. E-transfer to to secure your spot. If space permits ~ payment can be processed before hand on the day of the event (cash, e-transfer or cards)

Please also RSVP on Facebook

Location: Pure Roots Integrative Health

8147 17th Ave, Burnaby