BCND Advancing Naturopathic Medicine Conferences

Speaker Proposal Guidelines

In person events are postponed due to Covid19

Contact the office to arrange webinars

Potential presenters are asked to submit workshop proposals electronically. Submissions are provided to the ANM selection committee and/or BCND Board of Directors.

Lecture selections are made based on theme, cost, time constraints, applicability of workshop to delegates and the focus on health issues relevant to licensed naturopathic doctors. Special emphasis is given to lectures with a practical “take home” component, as opposed to just theory or research.


Please be as informative as possible, using the framework as follows:

A title that clearly and briefly describes the lecture content is preferred.

Please try to limit your abstract to 500 words or less.

If your proposal is accepted by the committee, we will craft a short synopsis for use on the web and in publications. If you would like to provide us with a synopsis it should be fewer than 300 words.

Learning Objectives
Provide three learning objectives of your lecture (and, if applicable, what participants will take away from the lecture for use in clinic).

It will be assumed your lecture requires no additional equipment except for a microphone and PowerPoint projector. If there are any other requirements (e.g., flipcharts, overhead projector, manipulation table, etc.) please list them under this heading.

All speakers receive complementary registration to the conference as well as conference meals. Additional expenses are accorded given the ANM budget. Please list your approximate expenses required as well as anticipated stipend.

Previous Presentation
If your lecture proposal is for a lecture/topic has been provided before, even in a modified form, please list the dates/places.

A brief description of your educational and clinical background is required. If you are being joined by a co-presenter, list that info here.

Contact Details
E-mail, snail mail and any other contact details should be listed at the end.

Your proposal may be submitted to the BCND, care of Ricky Kwan, BCND Executive Director.


Fax:  604 736 6048

By Mail:  2238 Pine St, Vancouver, BC, V6J 5G4.